Ep 51 : “The Premiere of our new Facebook live show The Leinster Laighin”


For this, episode 51 of our main podcast, we are sharing with you some highlights the premiere of yet another new feature that aired this week – a Facebook live show called The Leinster Laighin which we’re doing in conjunction with Three Blokes & Ball and BOD.  

You can click here to watch the full show itself, but for this pod we cover three parts of it – first, I talk to Big Joe Shep about my personal history with rugby and how I set up Harpin On Rugby, then in what will be a regular slot on club rugby, Gerald “The Oracle” Williamson talks about his local boys Navan RFC, and finally I go through Leinster’s amazing run in the 2019/2020 campaign.  I already went through it meticulously in the last episode of this pod, but I certainly wasn’t complaining about harping on it again! 

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