THE POD OF THREE #9 : “, Talking Rugby Union & Under The Sticks”


This is the 9th instalment of our new feature we call the Pod of Three, where we share clips from the best independent rugby podcasts.

Each of our guest pods today is dealing with changes which have happened during, or in some cases because of, the coronavirus break.  First, The Advantage Over podcast from looks at the proposed law tweaks from World Rugby, then Talking Rugby Union tries to make sense of what happens to Saracens who are caught between the top two tiers of the English game, and finally on Under The Sticks, Adam Redmond the Head of Broadcast & Communications for the Guinness Pro 14 explains the league’s new deal with the private equity firm CVC.

1) Advantage Over : “Law variations option for post-COVID19 rugby”

2) Talking Rugby Union : “Ben Mercer and RugbyAndTheLaw talk business”

3) Under The Sticks : “Ian Keatley, CVC, Corona Cup, Six Nations Moving? Welsh Regional XV”

All content was reproduced with permission

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