The Pod Of Three #14 : “Rugby History” featuring Rugby Reloaded, The Dead Ball Area & Squidge Rugby


Today’s theme is “Rugby History”.  First up we have Rugby Reloaded which is new to our PodOfThree stable and regularly covers the history of both union and league – in this one Tony Collins looks at the origins of the rivalry between the All Blacks and the Springboks.  Then The Dead Ball Area talks to former Samoa international Apollo Perelini about his career and finally the almighty Squidge continues his game by game retrospective on the 2011 Rugby World Cup by chatting to USA international Blaine Scully.

1) Rugby Reloaded : “All Blacks v Springboks: the struggle for rugby union supremacy in the interwar years”

2) Rugby Reimagined : “Apollo Perelini”

3) Squidge Rugby : “RWC2011 Retrospective #11 : USA 13-6 Russia”

All content was reproduced with permission

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