S2E03 : “Reverse interview by The Rugby Gods Podcast featuring HarpinOnRugby”


Over the course last week’s chat about Super Rugby Aotearoa with John Keenan of The Rugby Gods Podcast  we discussed some other things, so what I decided to do was hold over some of the extra content and use it for this week’s pod.  There are a few topics he went over like the different style of bonus point used in Super Rugby, how Jamison Gibson Park is perceived down in New Zealand and also the potential for the return of test rugby down there.

But he also had some questions for me – apparently it’s an interview he likes to give to every rugby fan he encounters online, so what I told him I’d do is have a look at them and give my answers in a separate pod.  I’ve listed the actual questions below.

Check out John Keenan’s The Rugby Gods Podcast here > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3aZoaC5b8cyNToOvF7W1BA

Jeff Pagano Interview – Topics

1. The Pro14 v Super Rugby

a) Similarities and differences

b) Super Rugby from an Irish perspective

c) The good, the bad (and the ugly) – what could / should be done?

2. The professional rugby world as Eastern and Western Hemispheres

a) The South African (Argentinian) problem / opportunity

– Time zones; a broadcaster’s best friend

– 7/8 Nations? 2024/25 South Africa (and Argentina?) in Europe?

b) Asia-Pacific Rugby

– Where does Japan fit in?

c) Club level (replacing Super Rugby)

– Australia (4/5), New Zealand (5/6), Fiji (1) 10/12 team Competition and The Japanese Top League

d) National level (replacing The Rugby Championship)

– Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Combined XV (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa) and Japan

3 Irish Rugby

a) The Pro14 franchises

b) State of the national club level – its future

c) The national team – thoughts

4 New Zealand Rugby

a) In general

b) Revenue / Contracts – partnerships (Japan / the USA) and ‘sabbaticals’

5. ‘The Spine’ 2-8-9-10-15

a) Still relevant?

b) Where do you see the game going?

c) Influential positions and strategy

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