Harpin’ YouTube channel 2022/23 top vids

Normally we do an 80+ column on Tuesdays but we thought we’d take a few days off here at Harpin Manor so to keep the content train rolling for now we’ll share not only this week’s bonus clip from our weekly pod, but also some of the most popular ones from over the course of the season. Do enjoy and maybe even share if the mood takes you.

The column will be back next week where I’ll review the URC final, cover a few more topical Harpin points including all the online nonsense since the HCC final, as well as tying up a few other loose ends.

PS – yes, we do note the irony of the “Stormers rivalry with Leinster” video, we would of course love to be having another crack at them this season but still wish Munster all the best in Cape Town this weekend!

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